Coconut Soy 11oz Candle with Crystals

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These hand made candles are created using an all natural coconut soy wax blend giving your space the best aromatic experience. Enjoy the sweet notes of vanilla, earthy patchouli, rich amber, and fresh floral tones in the “Make Love” candle. The rose quartz crystals sitting inside offer a feeling of love to expand the heart energy, they help with confidence and self-love, and foster forgiveness. 


-40 hours burn time

-Hemp wicks

-Toxin-Free coconut/soy wax

-Rose Quartz Crystals for gentle, loving energy


Make Love is the idea that love is nature, nature is peace.  We are made of nature and we need it like we need love. We receive love from nature daily so make love by appreciating our nature, appreciating ourselves. Let’s go to our nature...