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Why candles, FON?

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About FON Candles

FON Handcrafted Candles is not just candles, it is a lifestyle consisting of art, science, nature and love. Each earth inspired fragrance is infused to bring us peace and help us care for our whole selves mind, body, and soul. Let's go to our nature...

FON Handcrafted Candles

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High value brand...

"I buy a big one every week so don't feel bad! The scents are addictive and helps you relax and that's how FON gets my money but I don't complain!"

Jacory C.

Long lasting fragrance...

"I burned my apple cinnamon candle from like 5:30 until midnight. I woke up this morning and my apartment still smelled like apple cinnamon."

Amy W.

Perfect for the family...

"Enjoy the personal touch of the engraved cover and caution sticker underneath the candle jar. Jar is heavy duty and thick. Great to repurpose once candle is done. Candle cover is wooden and a flat interior. A nice coaster addition. Both smell divine once opened, similar to Bath and Body Works without the strong and overpowering scent that comes with non-natural products. The burning of the candles is nice and barely using any of he wax. It’s a slower burn and the candle is gentle and soothing. Gentle enough scent for my little baby. I’ll be buying again."


Keep your home smelling amazing...

My apartment smells AMAZING! Will be reordering soon!

TIff Rose